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Sink bleach with comet or soft scrub (rub in and let sit when necessary with stains) then dry and shine

Countertops need to be cleaned/sanitized
ounder things as well as the small appliances  and  canisters on the counter
oshould be checked at eye level when completed
oplease dry and shine counter/small appliances
oplease straighten canisters/displays to look neat

oShould be cleaned and shined
oBleach handle of fridge
oClean top of fridge
oEmpty toaster/toaster ovens
oStove tops should be scraped (when necessary) and shined – lifting the grease trays and washing under
oWipe and shine face of fridge, dishwasher, oven, microwave inside and out, toaster/toaster ovens…

Wash face of cabinets
oStuck on food should be removed
oDrippings should be removed
oShine handles, when possible

Wall between counter and cabinets should be cleaned of splatters and grease smudges

Clean window over sink (whenever possible) occasionally when a difficult screen is involved
oSliding glass doors should be cleaned
oWindow sills bleached or cleaned

Sanitize outer side of garbage cans (if stainless – shine)

Stainless appliances need special attention with buffing please (allow to dry and double check for streaks)


All showers and tubs need to be sanitized with soft scrub or comet and bleach spray (mildew and soap scum removed) allow to sit if necessary.  Dry and shine all surfaces and double check chrome

Clean all mirrors (top to bottom – not spot clean)  double check for streaks before leaving bathroom

Toilets need to be scrubbed in bowl with soft scrub or comet and outside of bowl and seat need to be sanitized
oPlease make sure to get behind toilet urine dribble and stain (water control can get mildew)
oPlease dry toilet bowl and seat

Glass doors and walls for stand up showers need to be bleached with comet/soft scrub when coated with build-up otherwise please clean them with windex and squigee

Counters need to be cleaned and shined (please check eye level)

Face of cabinets and walls need to be cleaned of toothpaste splatter

General Cleaning

All furniture get dusted with polish or windex please use discretion  (tops, sides, and edges/lips)

Ceiling fans get wiped down with windex or polish

Baseboards need only be wiped with a damp mop (with occasional special attention to middle panel)

Window sills (including middle of window) need to be wiped down (special attention to dog drool)

Glass top tables need to be cleaned and double checked for streaks

Figures on furniture should also be dusted and replaced

Please remove doilies (give them a good shake of dust) and dust under them

Please double check room before leaving (make sure to get ALL pieces)

Vacuum all carpets in lines when possible (this will insure that the whole carpet gets done) grooming plush carpets in fan pattern or lines

Small carpets should be shaken or vac’d and vacuumed underneath leave aside for washing of floor

Large area carpets should be picked up to vacuum under  edges

Try to groom oriental carpet fringe

Spot clean all windows

All floors should be washed with minimal water and cleaner (too much chemical leaves film on floors)

Banisters, walls and corners of walls need to be checked for fingerprints and animal dirt

Wipe switch plates of fingerprints

Under beds need to be vacuumed with floor vac please (shoe laces and nylons, etc. get caught in oreck)

Make beds with hospital corners and leave special arrangement for kids with stuffed animals and/or books with pillows also arranged nicely (when possible put sheets in washer and start the load)

Please empty all garbage cans (bring out to garage when possible)

Jobs should be done from start to finish, floor to floor (example: dust every room before moving to vacuuming)

Communication is important to insure that all duties get done

When in doubt, please ask supervisor. Better to do too much than not enough

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