Maide for You!
Your Personal Cleaning Service
Services available in Southern Maine (Cumberland and York counties).
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We are professional, respectful, compassionate, and fun.  We help you set attainable goals, strategies, and sets.  We make it out top priority to listen to your individual needs and situations.  Together we can organize your home and maximize your space.  We can help you through the frustration that prevents you from doing the things you want to do. We can create a system tailored to your lifestyle.  In a short time, you will feel relief and relaxation.  Together with you in the driver's seat, we can accomplish what you alone may feel is impossible.

We will guide you through the process, together we can:

Determine priorities
Organize basements
Organize closets
Create ideas for controlling or getting rid of clutter
Develop household filing systems
Organize packing and moving
Plan better space managing
Design storage space

We can help stage your home for sale:

Together we can create a warm and tranquil atmosphere.
We accentuate the positives and downplay the negatives. 
With buyers noticing the condition of all living spaces, we can de-clutter and clean these areas of your home. 
We will depersonalize your home so buyers are able to imagine it as their home.

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